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About Us

The Flemming Academy is a 100 year legacy. Lived and taught from its rich beginnings in the British West Indies.

In our fast paced technological culture, we have overlooked some simple and timeless principles.

These principles are necessary and still relevant.

"Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you" is still the golden rule.

We believe in equipping individuals with the tools needed for success.

Etiquette gives you a professional, poised and polished edge in any social or business environment.

Our services are perfect for anyone; children, teens, college students, adults and professionals.

Our goal is to help further develop and refine the interpersonal skills needed to navigate the rapidly changing world.

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Christine Carmichael


Like you, Etiquette and soft skills expert, Christine Hunter has seen the word etiquette defined numerous ways over the years. Is it crumpets and tea? Pinkies raised? Cotillions and balls? Or just for the aristocrat and the elite? So what is etiquette and how can I apply it in my professional and personal life?


With over two decades of motivating, training and experience, Christine goes beyond the rudiments of etiquette and uncovers the true principle of relationship and value. Everyone matters! Your personal brand is a gift.

Our seminars will give you the knowledge that will help you feel confident regardless of your educational or professional background. Everyday etiquette is applicable to every work environment.

Christine’s fusion of real-life stories and conversational techniques connect with her audience at a personal level.


Christine has been a customer service professional for more than 25 years. Her work with businesses, civic and non-profit organizations, churches, private and public schools have made her a leader in client relations.


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