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Business Meeting

Are you concerned that your employees are representing your company appropriately? Are they hurting your company’s image? Do you want to foster an atmosphere that is positive, respectful, encouraging and professional? 

We provide a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of business etiquette. Our program will influence your personal and/or employee’s image and ensure that we are all part of the solution.

We can work with you or your management team to identify, develop and implement policies necessary to enhance professional etiquette.


Workshops are available on the areas below and are customized based on your needs. Training can be delivered in the form of half-day, full-day workshops, or on a recurring schedule.


“Soft skills get little respect, but will make or break your career.”

– Peggy Klaus

"Respect is how you treat everyone, not just those you want to impress"
~Richard Branson
  • The Art of Communicating and Listening Effectively

  • The Importance of a Handshake & Powerful Introductions

  • Body Language and What It Says About You

  • Your Professional Wardrobe

  • Effective and Appropriate Email Strategies

  • Telephone and Cellphone Etiquette 

  • Exceptional Customer Service 

  • Workplace Challenges and Managing Conflict

  • Dining Etiquette (American and Continental)





"As the owner of a hair salon, we have had the honor and privilege of having Christine teach us impeccable guest handling. It has allowed us to grow in all of the service industry. Christine also takes the time to make sure we as individuals grow positively...We will always work with her and recommend her highly."

Jeniffer Foddill, Owner

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