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Are you tired of walking away from networking events
Or feeling like you wasted your time because you didn’t make any meaningful connections?

This may be for you ...

if the last couple of events you went to were blah, and you felt like it was a waste of time?
If the thought of being rejected, is keeping you from going?


does this conjure up feelings of anxiousness, just looking at this picture?

The benefits of this training:


Enhance your Personal Brand


Develop stronger and more meaningful relationships with others. This can help to establish trust, increase collaboration, and lead to new opportunities.


Increase Visibility


By learning these skills, individuals can improve their overall communication abilities, both in networking situations and in their daily lives.

Harvard Business School has conducted extensive research on the impact of first impressions on professional and personal relationships. Their findings suggest that first impressions are incredibly important and can have a significant impact on how people perceive and interact with you.


Based on these findings, Harvard recommends that individuals take steps to manage their first impressions carefully. This can include paying attention to their appearance, body language, and other nonverbal cues, as well as being mindful of the impression they are giving off in their interactions with others.


Jeniffer Foddill - Hair Perfection, RVA
"As the owner of a hair salon, we have had the honor and privilege of having Christine teach us impeccable guest handling. It has allowed us to grow in all of the service industry. Christine also takes the time to make sure we as individuals grow positively. She puts her hard work into everything she does, and it shows. We will always work with her and recommend her highly."

About Christine

Christine_burgandy african print outfit_II.png

Unlock the Power of Etiquette with Christine Carmichael, a certified etiquette consultant, motivational speaker, and TV personality with over 25 years of experience in customer service, human development, and behavior.

With her dynamic and diverse background, Christine has trained and spoken to hundreds of people across the country, helping them achieve greatness by understanding their humanity and applying etiquette in both their personal and professional lives, regardless of their education or professional background.

Christine's passion for etiquette is contagious and she brings a unique perspective to the table. Her conversational presentation style puts her audience at ease, allowing them to absorb the power of demonstrating appropriate etiquette for life's everyday situations.

Etiquette is not just a set of rules, it's a way of life. According to Christine, it empowers one's image, builds confidence, and deepens interpersonal connections, resulting in stronger and more diverse communities. Embrace the art of etiquette and unlock your potential with Christine Carmichael. Let her show you how to expand your network, create lasting impressions, and achieve greatness!

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