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Attitude is everything! Attitude begins with how you see yourself and manifests on the outside in your body language. Do you know what your image is saying about you? Well, you are your most valuable asset. The way you treat yourself is the way others will treat you. If you have a positive attitude about yourself and others, it will be evident in your deportment and in your everyday outlook. People “buy” optimists because they enjoy their company.


We will equip you with the essential etiquette, protocol knowledge and refined social graces necessary to polish your personal brand. You can acquire more confidence in social situations, enabling you to consistently present yourself at your personal and professional best.

Upon completion of this dynamic and empowering program, you will be able to present yourself authentically with confidence in every interaction.  First impressions are important but a lasting impression is undeniable!


Are you ready to polish your personal brand to achieve your personal and professional goals?

Our classes are customized.

You can attend all 4 sessions below or one at a time.

First Impressions

You can make a first impression within seconds of meeting someone. In this workshop, learn how to present your best self with non-verbal and verbal communication whether you are online or in person.

Engage in Conversation to Establish a Connection

first impressions.jpg

Are you super chatty OR do you struggle with finding the right few first words to say in a conversation? Let us help you take the guesswork out of learning how to communicate effectively with others. You will learn about basic conversation principles and the art of building instant rapport among and much more.


Personal Style

It is possible to be polished and professional with a little pizzazz! In this workshop, you will explore how colors, clothes and accessories complement your signature style in a relaxed or formal setting. 


Dine & Shine

Who said that you couldn't eat, drink and party without prim and poise? During one of our Flemming faves, we will show you how to dazzle with etiquette as you wine, dine, sparkle and shine during your next night out on the town.

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